The Role & Importance Of Outsourcing In Businesses

The Role & Importance Of Outsourcing In Businesses

It appears that a business does not have to do everything required to produce its products and services. For instance, a local baker is not supposed to grow wheat or a large-scale consumer products business does not conduct all of its primary market research. Such tasks are performed by other companies that specialize in the work and can perform them in a more cost-effective manner.

This is what outsourcing stands for. If a business cannot perform the task in an efficient and cheaper way, then it is a good practice to rely on someone else to do it. However, not every function of the business can be outsourced. The following blog sheds more light on the practice of outsourcing, discussing its importance together with the activities that can and cannot be outsourced. Let’s explore.

Outsourced Business Management Services

What is Outsourcing?

In its essence, outsourcing is basically the process of hiring a third-party organization for carrying out activities initially performed by the concerned business itself. Outsourcing first became prominent in the 1990s when customer-centric business models were booming. As the benefits of outsourcing were realized, organizations recognized that it was a right way for them to stay relevant and generate value for customers. In 2018 alone, the overall outsourcing across the globe managed to garner $85.6 billion.

Advantages of Outsourcing Business Operations

There are various underlying reasons for businesses to outsource their operations. Some of these benefits are as follows:

    1. Cost-effectiveness

One of the primary reasons why organizations depend upon outsourcing is the reduced cost associated with it. A business might not specialize in every part of its operation. But external organizations have better specialized technologies to perform the task in a much more efficient and timely manner.

    1. Enhanced Quality

Since third-party organizations are specialized, they can perform a task in a much better way. The expertise leads to more outstanding quality and enhanced results, as it is part of their routine to do the job. In this way, businesses can improve the quality of the products and services they provide to the customers.

    1. Increased ROI

Outsourcing reduces specific investment costs required in manufacturing and production. Since the quality of the outsourced services is high, and the result is generated in a much faster way, the return on investment for businesses is always greater.

    1. Access to intellectual capabilities

A business might not have enough resources for developing its own capabilities in a particular domain. In this regard, outsourcing can prove to be very beneficial. For example, a retail business might not know how to conduct digital marketing. It can rely on a specialized agency to perform the task.

What should not be outsourced?

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While outsourcing may seem like a very prospective way to manage the business, it is essential to remember that not all operations of an organization can be outsourced. Some jobs are worth performing in-house, so the customers can get more value with their bought products and services. Here are some processes that you shouldn’t consider outsourcing:

    1. Employee development

It may seem that specialized organizations can help in improving the skills and knowledge of your employees. But a business knows its employees the best. Since their actions dictate the outcome of your business, it is always best to develop a custom training course to help in their development.

    1. Company culture

Some organizations rely on recruitment process outsourcing in order to find candidates who can be a good fit in the company culture. But it is never easy to fully grasp a company’s culture until unless you are associated with the organization and work there. It is also crucial to remember that corporate culture cannot be forced upon the employees.

    1. Termination

While termination is never a fun process for anyone, employees still expect their managers or leaders to deal with these matters. Face to face meetings with their employees for delivering the news show that the organization respects them and understand keeping such processes confidential.

    1. Managing employee turnover

Retention is a crucial prospect for many businesses if they want to continue developing their employees’ expertise and build a strong brand image. However, a third-party organization can never understand what can motivate the employees and help them stay. Managers are always more likely to identify factors that can reduce or increase employee turnover.

List Of Activities That Can Be Outsourced In Singapore

Businesses usually outsource operations when they are have limited skilled labour or resources for undertaking specific tasks. In doing so, risk analysis is critical, so the company can determine the outcome of the campaign and its effects on the overall operations. While operations such as employee retention are not preferred when it comes to outsourcing due to their nature, you can outsource other tasks without having any substantial negative impacts. Here are some of the operations that you can outsource for growing your business.

    1. Accounting Services
        1. Cloud Accounting Services

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      Effective accounting is not only critical for the monetary success of a business, but it is also a very complicated process to perform. Not every business owner understands financial practices and tax strategies. In this regard, cloud accounting services can help the business manage its finances in a more effective manner. Cloud accounting is similar to traditional accounting software but is hosted on remote servers. Accounting service providers help businesses in updating financial information, managing account balances, reporting, and automating billing processes.

        1. Financial Statement Compilation

      Financial statements reflect the performance and financial position of a business. It helps stakeholders such as investors and financial analysts to make value-added decisions and predict the future performance of an organization. Companies have to invest extra resources, such as in the form of an accounting expert, to manage the task. But outsourcing the operation to an expert can reduce the operational costs, improve financial management, and allow the administration to invest its time in other aspects of the business.

    2. Bookkeeping Services

A business’ financial health suffers from issues when the management is unable to invest adequate time for managing the finances and make appropriate decisions. Many business owners have limited knowledge regarding bookkeeping. But bookkeeping companies can help in resolving all of these issues. An outsourced accountant can handle the finances, advice the management, and increase business growth. Bookkeeping services for small business can also be very cost-effective, as compared to in-house bookkeeping. Most importantly, outsourced companies hire expert professionals, which means an experienced accountant will manage your finances.

    1. Taxation Services
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        1. Income Tax Services

      As businesses are increasing across the country, the need for Singapore taxation services is also becoming more prominent. High ROI and profit are the most important goals of any business. But these goals cannot be achieved until unless the internal control systems are in place. More and more companies are now outsourcing their income tax and accounting operations for cutting the expenditure, enhancing operational quality, and increasing their financial health. After all, taxation in Singapore is quite complicated, which involves many regulatory and legislative factors as well. Support from professionals by outsourcing this operation can be very beneficial.

        1. Goods and Services Tax

      Many companies are now surfacing in the business world under the banners such as “corporate tax services Singapore.” The reason for the increasing prominence of such companies is simple – most organizations don’t have enough time and expertise to manage their taxes, especially the GST. In this regard, outsourcing can help the company in managing its tax affairs and complying with the law. Outsourced experts can prevent the chances of errors, make the operation more timely, and save costs for the company.

        1. Personal Income Tax Services

      Individual residents in Singapore are taxed on the basis of a progressive tax rate. Tax filing is mandatory for the individuals if their annual income is or exceeds S$22,000. The process is quite complicated and requires consideration of various terms and conditions. In this regard, tax preparation services can come in handy. Such services can help individuals in managing their personal taxes, complying with the local law, and make appropriate decisions regarding their finances.

        1. Certificate of Residence Application (Cor) - Singapore

      A Certificate of Residence (COR) is basically a letter, which certifies that an individual is a tax resident in Singapore. With this letter, the person can claim benefits as specified by the Avoidance of Double Tax Agreements (DTAs). The DTA is basically a contract between Singapore and a selected country that helps a resident of one country who is earning income in another country by relieving his or her taxes. Many individuals don’t understand how they can apply for the COR and attain it. This is where taxation services can help the resident.

    2. Company Setup Services
        1. Company Incorporation Singapore

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      Starting and incorporating a business in Singapore is a speedy and efficient process. However, the venture has to comply with various requirements before it can be effectively integrated. For example, a company should have 1 – 50 shareholders. A company secretary also needs to be hired within 6 months of the process. To make incorporation easier, many companies prefer to rely on outsourcing organizations.

        1. Business Registration

      When setting a local company in Singapore, it is crucial to register the business in an appropriate manner. From choosing the company name and determining its type of submitting the application, the registration process is quite hefty. Luckily, outsourcing companies can help businesses in managing everything in an appropriate manner. These companies can take prospective business owners throughout the process, guide them in matters of concern, and complete the application process.

        1. Director Nominee Service Singapore

      A director nominee is a person who serves as a non-executive director in the place of another firm or person, as an investor, bank, or lender, on the board of directors. Every company in Singapore needs to have a director that is a country’s resident, as outlined in the Companies Act. This is especially important for foreigners incorporating the company in Singapore. In such a matter, outsourcing companies can help businesses in hiring a local person for acting as the company’s resident director.

        1. Corporate Bank Account Opening Guide

      A critical requirement for the companies to operate in Singapore is that they need to open a bank account. The corporate bank account requires various documents, like a certificate of incorporation, Articles of Association, and a certificate of incumbency. Outsourcing companies can serve as opening guides for businesses looking towards establishing their bank accounts.

        1. Sole Proprietor LLP Setup Services

      Businesses are also required to choose their structure before they can be legally recognized in Singapore. Companies, sole proprietorships, and large-scale organizations are all top-rated in the country. Particularly, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) are becoming more widely recognized, which allows the individual partner to have their own liability. Partners, either individuals or corporations, are responsible for their own debts and losses. People looking to establish their ventures as LLP can take help from outsourcing services for setting up the business.

    3. Payroll Services

Many companies also rely on payroll outsourcing services in Singapore because of the benefits they can gain from it. For example, payroll management can become very complex due to the various calculations and legislative rules involved in it. Expert professionals from payroll management services can deal with all the complexities in an effective manner. They can also provide reporting solutions, advice on critical matters, and answer employee’s queries.

    1. Human Resource

Human resource management services are also becoming very popular, especially among small organizations in Singapore. These services help businesses in managing a wide spectrum of HR duties, such as recruitment, payroll, PEO, and advisory. HR professionals bring their experience and knowledge in the organization, helping the business comply with the law, manage their employees, increase cost-effectiveness, and resolve operational issues. In this way, companies can invest their time and efforts in other matters of importance.

  1. Immigration Services
      1. Comparison of Work Pass Singapore

    Foreigners who work in Singapore have to apply for various types of passes, depending upon their skills and knowledge, together with the job they wish to undertake. Some of these passes include the employment pass, entrepass, the work permit, and the S Pass. Organizations provide services, such as Work visa Singapore, to help foreign professionals in getting these passes and taking their desired jobs.

      1. Employment Pass

    The Singapore employment pass determines whether foreign professionals can take particular jobs or not. The employment pass has specific eligibility criteria. For example, the professional should have a job offer, earn a fixed monthly salary, and possess particular qualifications. Outsourced services can help individuals in achieving this pass and continuing the job.

      1. Entrepass

    The dependent pass Singapore is intended for all the innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs who want to operate creative and high-calibre businesses in the country. Outsourcing companies can help you in fulfilling the eligibility criteria, getting your company registered, and ensuring you can manage the business fruitfully. The requirements include having an intention to start a private company, meeting the innovative criteria, and owning a particular type of business. For instance, bars, coffee shops, massage parlours, and employment agency are not eligible for this pass.

      1. Personalized Employment Pass

    High-earning professionals who belong to foreign countries are eligible for a personalized employment pass. Those who hold these passes can have greater flexibility when looking for jobs. The process for getting the pass can be incredibly difficult. However, professional services can make the process much more comfortable, help the individual in passing the eligibility criteria, and gaining the pass benefits.

  2. Audit Services
      1. Statutory Audit Services

    The statutory audit laws in the country are outlined by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). All the companies in the country except some small companies have to pass the statutory audits in order to continue their operations and provide their services. The statutory audits are quite extensive and complex. In this regard, professional auditory services can help the company in understanding the audit requirements and complying with the law.

      1. Rental Audit Services

    Businesses are also required to conduct rental audits in order to ensure that the rent paying parties are complying with the agreement as set out in the original interactions. It is a very comprehensive process that requires evaluation of the rental or lease terms. It involves a disciplined approach for collecting, managing, and reviewing essential documents such as those related to the lease. Businesses that rent out properties can rely on outsourcing companies to conduct these audits.

      1. Charity Audit Services

    Charity organizations also need audit services in order to manage their financial statements and overall monetary health. With so many tasks to look after, effective management of finances is difficult for charity organizations. In this regard, charity audit services can prove to be very beneficial.

In The End

As evident from the discussion above, outsourcing comes with many benefits for businesses of all sizes and types. If you are also looking to increase efficiency in your operations, start looking for an outsourcing service.