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Taxation Services In Singapore:

BT Consultants offer you with a wide range of taxation services in Singapore and our services are totally based on the actual needs and the current position of a Company. It’s certainly our deep understanding of our clients’ requirement that has eventually helped us emerge as one of the top providers of taxation services in Singapore over the years. Our tax professionals are highly experienced which is why you will certainly have no reason to worry once you hire our tax services. They would not only help you in tax preparation but also make you aware of various benefits offered by the government and help you capitalize on them. Also, they can enlighten you on important aspects like tax deduction and tax breaks.


Income Tax

With the assistance of our unimaginably brilliant tax professionals, it isn’t any difficult to efficiently manage the tax. Furthermore, they can help you with planning tax strategies in the most appropriate way.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

This is the consumption tax levied on the goods and services in Singapore and every company with taxable goods or services of the value more than $ 1 million needs to submit GST returns quarterly. With our tax preparation services, you can rest assured of the most accurate and timely submission of GST returns.

Certificate of Residence (COR)

In order to avail the benefits under DTA, it’s mandatory for one to get one’s Singapore tax residency certified. Our corporate tax services in Singapore will help you apply for a Certificate of Residence (COR) in the most appropriate way.


Stamp duty has a massive importance in validating documents and in most of the cases; documents with stamp duty on them have a strong position from the law stand point. With our E-Stamping service, you can conveniently get your documents stamped from anywhere.

Tax Equalization

We can greatly help foreigners working in Singapore to avoid tax implications like different tax rates and double taxation by our tax equalization service.

Withholding Tax Services

Withholding tax is charged on an individual or a Company that generates income from Singapore by providing certain services. We can help you determine the withholding tax efficiently and accurately with our tax services.