Staying And Working In Singapore With Legal Status

One of the attractions that lure businesses to come to Singapore is also an excellent environment the country provides for living here. The country is peaceful and there is no political turmoil that can disrupt your life. All the modern facilities that you need for a comfortable life are available in the country. There is an excellent infrastructure that allows you to travel and communicate with ease. The country has adopted all the latest technology and this means your life will be more luxurious than any other place. People of all ethnicities can live here happily as society is multicultural and welcomes people from all nations. A foreigner can live here as long he has a job and the legal papers. The personalized employment pass in Singapore is a document that allows senior executives to live here even when they are between jobs.

Who Will Need The Personalized Employment Pass In Singapore?

People from various countries work here in different positions. People who are eligible to do so have brought their family to stay with them here. The excellent living conditions of the country prompts many foreigners to bring their families. Some of these people may have their children studying in the country as it is permitted with a dependent pass. If such a person should leave a job for some reason before he got another job, then he will be forced to leave the country. This will also force the family to leave Singapore disturbing their life and the education of the children.

If the person is not allowed to live here once he has left the job, there are fewer chances of his getting a job in Singapore. But if the person can stay here and try for a different job, there are all possibilities of the person getting a job with his experience in Singapore. The Singapore government decided that the person must be allowed to reside in the country and look for another job. it is for this reason that the ministry of manpower issues the personalized employment pass. It allows the person to live in the country for six months between jobs. This gives the person to keep the family here and search for a job without disturbing them.

The personalized employment pass is not just for those who have been working in Singapore but also for people who are newly seeking employment in Singapore. There are better opportunities for getting a job if the person is available in Singapore and can present before the employer at short notice. This offers a better chance than for someone who is in another country and cannot be personally interviewed by the employer. The personalized employment pass allows a person to visit Singapore and reside here without any job for six months. During this period the person can search for a job and secure one.

Understanding The Features Of The Personalized Employment Pass

The personalized employment pass is similar to the P1 employment pass as far as benefits are concerned. There are certain other features that the personalized pass has. This pass has a validity of three years. The pass is not tied with any employer as is the case with the employment pass. While the employment pass is applied for by the company, the personalized employment pass is applied by the holder and is tide only to the person. What job he or she holds or doesn’t hold will not affect the validity of the pass.

The holder of this pass need not cancel the pass when he joins a company. It will still be valid. In case the person has to change a job within the validity period of three years the same pass can be used and there is no need to apply for a fresh one. Changing the job doesn’t affect the status of the pass. A holder of this pass is not restricted from joining any industry. He or she can work in any industry in Singapore where they get employment as per their eligibility.

Despite the validity of the pass, the person can stay unemployed only for six months with the pass. During this period the person must find a job. He or she may later leave the job and spend another six months searching for one. But they can only be without employment only for six months continuously. These six months should be sufficient for them to find another job. The pass need not be sponsored by any company and is known as a self-sponsored pass. This is ideal for a person to come to Singapore even without a job invitation and find one within six months.

Eligibility And Procedure For Securing The PEP

Any foreign national working out of Singapore earning a monthly salary equivalent to S$18,000 per month is eligible for the PEP. Anyone with a P1 employment pass and drawing a monthly salary of S$12,000 can also get the PEP.

The person must submit the duly filled-in application form along with documents pertaining to the person. The copies of the highest educational qualification, passport, salary certificate for the last three months and the latest job appointment letter or employment contract must also be submitted along with the application. The application form with the documents must be submitted to the ministry of manpower. The waiting time is around five weeks for the processing and issuing of the pass.

After the pass has been issued it will be sent to the local address of the applicant. The person can go to Singapore to collect the PEP. It is worth understanding that this pass doesn’t allow the holder to set up his or her company. They must get employed in a company for which they are not shareholders.

Packages And Services Offered By The Consultants

Package Details Package Fees
PEP application submission including going for appeal $1,000 ($1,070 with GST)
Applying For Dependent Pass for spouse and children $500 ($535 with GST)
Applying long term visit pass for parents and step-children $500 ($535 with GST)

The above fees don’t include other expenses incurred. The services of the consultants will include the initial assessment of the possibilities of getting the pass. They will prepare the application and submit the same. They will also track the application to know the progress and go for an appeal if the same is rejected for some reason. They will also coordinate with the people at the MOM to know the status and give additional information if needed.


  1. Does the PEP holder need to make CPF contributions?

The PEP holder doesn’t need to make any contributions as it is meant for citizens and PRs only. The employer who employs the person will have to pay skills development levy up to $4,500 gross monthly income.

  1. Can a PEP holder become the director or shareholder of a company?

The PEP holder is not permitted to open a company. He or she can only work for another company. They must apply for the EP if they want to become directors or shareholders.

  1. Is there a need for a nominee director for the PEP application?

There is no need for a nominee director for this application. The PEP is issued for the person.

  1. What is the validity of the personalized employment pass?

The pass has validity for three years and cannot be renewed. Before the end of the period, the person must apply for an employment pass or PR status.

  1. Should the PEP holder get MOM approval when changing jobs?

There is no need for approval but the information must be sent to the MOM about the change of job. This must be submitted in the notification form and submitted within seven days from the change of jobs. Both the past and present employers must also send the employer notification form informing the change.

  1. What happens if the PEP holder is unable to find a job within six months?

The PEP is valid only for six months. If the job is not secured within the period the PEP gets canceled automatically and the person must leave the country.

  1. Is there a need for a medical examination when applying for a work pass in Singapore?

It depends on different jobs and the requirements will be mentioned in the in-principle approval letter. The different tests that need to be done will also be mentioned. It is better to do the tests in Singapore as the clinics will be familiar with the tests.