Using an employment agency in Singapore that can make a difference to your business

Businesses that operate in Singapore have a common problem when it comes to manpower. The regulations that are involved in hiring people are one of the reasons that businesses are faced with problems that are associated with human resources. However, if your business can contract with an employment agency in Singapore things can be a lot simpler. Employment agencies are said to cater to various businesses anywhere in Singapore despite the industry that it belongs to. They can take into consideration all the regulations that are in place by the MOM or the ministry of manpower before the recruitment process is done. This way they ensure that there are no laws that are bypassed and employees that come into your organization are verified and appropriately certified.

Placement of a person with the respective domain that they belong to has to be done by a diligent agency in Singapore. In case a few or any of the details are missed out the potential of the employer facing fines is quite high. Organizing visas, permits, and having the health check completed are part of the procedures that a person undergoes before being placed. By being able to connect foreign professionals to potential employers an employment agency in Singapore fulfills all requirements of an employer.

Help with work pass with an employment agency in Singapore

An individual trying to obtain a work pass in Singapore can be quite difficult if they are not aware of the regulations that are in place. However, when they choose to go through with an employment agency in Singapore that is licensed and organized things can get easier. The time that is taken before a work permit or pass is issued to a person is lesser when they choose to use these agencies. Usually, the companies that are capable of helping employers are said to offer other services as well. They can include starting up a business, establishing it in Singapore, filing taxes, accounting, and secretarial services. Standard packages that are available with these companies cover business owners until they can place their foot firmly in the market. This can take anywhere around 6 months to 1 year depending on the competency of the business owner and the resources that they have in place.

You can also rely on these companies for some of the below-mentioned services. The best companies provide these services apart from working as an employment agency in Singapore at affordable prices. The services from them include:

  1. APEC Travel Card for Business Owners: This travel card is typically used by business owners when they travel to Singapore for business-related work. Asia-Pacific economic cooperation member countries are allowed visa-free entry to Singapore after obtaining the travel card.
  2. Permanent Residency: Processing of papers for people who choose to apply for permanent residency in Singapore is also done by these companies.
  3. Personalized Employment Pass: Getting an employment pass personalized to suit an employer’s description and needs can also be taken care of by these professionals.
  4. Citizenship: If you aspire to become a citizen of Singapore and have fulfilled all the requirements you may get one with the help of these agencies.
  5. Getting a Letter of Consent: Obtaining a letter of consent that is specific for a dependant’s pass can be processed with assistance from these companies.
  6. Local Address for Businesses: You would be required to provide a local address in case you choose to start up a business registration in Singapore. These companies can be instrumental and used when you need one and may not have one already.

Finding an employment agency in Singapore and its importance

Using the available resources on the internet one can easily find out some of the most capable and useful employment agencies in Singapore. The reputation of the employment agency can be a critical aspect that business owners choose to look at. In case the agency that you choose does have a shady reputation there are chances of your business operations being at stake. However, this is something that you would wish to avoid at all costs. By doing a reputation check and looking at the experience of agencies you can get a fair idea on their credentials. You would not want to deal with any agency that does not have a rich history of being able to help business owners and individuals alike.

With experience, expertise, and a good reputation the company can be trusted to perform the activities of human resources deployment in Singapore. Comprehensive recruitment services are what you would have to be looking for with an employment agency in Singapore. Unmatched and reliable services are said to be some of the things that agencies have to offer for employers. You can choose to contact them as an employer or as a person seeking employment in this country. Visiting their website or choosing to speak with experts from the agency before hiring their service is something that you can choose to Bookkeeping Services do. This way you are making sure that you are on the same page as an employment agency and have no doubts about the services they offer. You can also choose to get a quotation from these companies in relevance to the services that you wish to avail of.