Corporate Consultants Come To The Aid Of Businesses In Singapore

All businesses require a variety of services from consultants. Various tasks cannot be done by the companies themselves due to various reasons. Sometimes the companies cannot afford to employ specialists for the job. There are cases when companies are not aware of the procedures that must be completed to achieve something. Companies may lack the knowledge to complete certain tasks. In many cases, the service providers can do the job at a much lesser cost than the company doing it. These are the reasons why there is a heavy demand for business solution services in Singapore that are offered by the consultants. There are a variety of services that are provided by these agencies and we will see in short that these services are about.

Business Solution Services In Singapore For Registering New Companies

This is probably the service that is most in demand in Singapore. There are a lot of new companies being opened in Singapore and all of them need guidance about how the process is done. Many of the foreign companies which come to Singapore to set up their operations are clueless about how it can be done. The service providers guide them very well about the process. They help the new businesses to understand the documents that they must submit and how the application must be filled and submitted.

In many cases, the service providers also help businesses to fulfill the various conditions that are laid down by the ACRA for registering companies. Foreign or local companies who are unable to find suitable persons for the post of a resident director or company secretary as mandated by the ACRA. The consultants offer these services also as part of the company incorporation package so that the new investors don’t have to search elsewhere to complete all the obligations.

Helping Foreigners To Work And Live In Singapore

Foreign companies that start their businesses in Singapore may like to place their persons in Singapore to supervise the company. These persons need legal documents that will allow them to stay here and work. The service providers will help the people submit their applications for the different work permits. There are various kinds of permits that are issued for people of different qualifications and experiences. The consultants can guide the people correctly and secure the right work permit.

It may not be enough to apply. Sometimes the applications are rejected and there may be a need to appeal for reconsideration. The consultants will do the appeal on behalf of the companies and try to secure the work permit. They also help to renew the work permits for those who are already working in Singapore. Families of foreigners who work in Singapore can come and live with them thanks to the support by the service providers in securing them the necessary pass.

Appointing A Company Secretary For A New Business

One of the conditions of the ACRA specifies that all companies that are incorporated with the agency must appoint a company secretary before completion of six months from the date of incorporation. But it is not an easy thing for most companies, especially foreign companies. ACRA mandates that the company secretary must be a Singapore resident. He or she must also be qualified enough to perform the important duties that a company secretary must perform. The person must be familiar with the company laws and have experience in the job.

To take care of all these requirements the consultants offer corporate secretarial services to the companies. They will place their person as the company secretary for the company. They will also extend all the services that are required to fulfill the duties of the company secretary. This will include important functions like filing of the annual returns on time and fixing the year-end for the company. The company secretary must also ensure that the company is run as per the company laws of Singapore.

Reduce Your Expenses By Shutting Your Office

Does it sound like a crazy suggestion? It will not sound so when you know what is being said here. Many of the companies that offer services that won’t require any storage space or for people to be present in one place are opting to close their offices and allow their employees to work from home. As their work can be completed using their computers and the internet, there is no need for them to be present at the office. This saves a lot of money for the company. It also reduces the stress on employees who must commute daily in heavy traffic.

The virtual office service provided by the service providers will provide you with a registered office address that is compulsory as per the laws in Singapore. This address can be used to receive any communication that is sent to the company. The service also includes the facility of forwarding calls to the office number. This will ensure that you have an office number where people can reach you. A call answering service is also available with the service providers. This will enhance the experience of your customers who call your company for any assistance or information.

Get Expert Accounting And Tax Services

Accounting and tax are subjects that must be handled by experts. For most of the small and medium companies, it is more economical handing over the work to outsourcing companies than appointing experts themselves. The outsourcing companies have experts who can do the job perfectly well. When it comes to accounting it should be maintained correctly to remain compliant with the rules. Accounting also helps to provide a lot of useful information to the management. Getting it done by experts will ensure that these data are available.

The business consultants in Singapore provide a lot of other services that are vital to the smooth functioning of business in Singapore. The service providers offer the services at very affordable prices so that all companies can avail of these services. The consultants understand your needs very well and offer their best assistants to see that your work is completed perfectly.