Have a Company set up in minutes by hiring Shelf Company for Sale Services in Singapore

It is a pretty well-known fact as to how much people from all over the world love Singapore as a country. The main reason for this is that Singapore has all sorts of services that people may look for. This clearly reflects how well businesses are doing in Singapore. What has supported businesses over the years in Singapore so well is the excellent infrastructure and resources of the place. This has been attracting businesses from all over the world for many years now.

Things have gotten pretty easy now in terms of setting up a business in Singapore no matter if you are a citizen of Singapore or a foreigner. It is partly because of Singapore’s open mindedness and partly because of the increasing number of corporate agencies in Singapore.

Every type of business can be established without any hurdle in Singapore these days without having to take much time. Over the years, it has persistently gotten better. The corporate agencies in Singapore have been doing a pretty responsible job for the past many years. Besides helping people in setting up their businesses in Singapore, they are also rendering their services at a very affordable cost.

The Concept of Shelf Company for Sale Services in Singapore

You can easily set up a sole proprietor, Private ltd., or any other form of business in Singapore with their assistance. One innovative thing that these agencies came up with is the Shelf Company for Sale Services in Singapore. If you are not yet very familiar with the term, it is a ready-made company that has been made ready after having fulfilled all the mandatory requisites of registration.

These companies have not entered into any sort of business dealings yet which is why you can have one to run your business activities. This hardly takes any time since all the legalities have been already fulfilled in advance. However, it is important to bear in mind that as you avail of such a service, it is mandatory to hold the Annual General Meeting in 6 months from the incorporation date and also, submit the annual returns to ACRA in 7 months after the completion of its financial year.

Understanding the profile

As far as the profile of one such company goes, it will be established as a Singapore Exempt Private Limited company and can be started with one shareholder with 1 share.

The company should have at least a paid-up capital of S$1. It will have a particular registered address. Besides, the agency from where you choose to hire the service will provide your company with the resident director and the Company secretary services itself.

Information that you require for the purchase for one such Company

To buy a Shelf Company, one has to provide the agency with a few important pieces of information. One is, of course,  information relating to the personal details of a new shareholder. It is also important to have a new director of one’s choice appointed.

Services included in a Shelf Company

If you are wondering as to what things are included in this service, firstly, it allows you to change the Company name for free. It allows you to conduct business activities for your choice without any additional fee. Besides, it allows you to appoint a new director for free. You can also change the company’s registered address. You can transfer the company share for free as well. You can rest assured of every assistance in the opening of a bank account in Singapore as long as you choose a Shelf Company service.

As far as the provision of company documents are concerned, it includes incorporation eCertificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association, and Certificate of Share.

How difficult is it to find a Shelf Company service Agency in Singapore?

With so many agencies around in Singapore these days, it should not be really difficult to find one such agency anymore. However, it is important to go about it wisely. Although most of them are doing a pretty good job, there are few others that might not be that competent. It is not that difficult to ensure that you don’t make a wrong choice and all you need to do is simply sit back, and browse online for one such agency.

As a matter of fact, most of these agencies have their official websites now and the sites are ranked in the search engine as per their performance. To begin with, you can have your safe search one to have only the best results appear. This will ensure that only reliable agencies appear in the search results.

You can then consider checking the first 2 to 3 top websites. To check them, you could get to their websites and see what sort of services they offer. Besides, you can check the prices and see which of the 2 or 3 companies offers the best services at the most affordable prices.

However, there is more to it and for a perfect choice, you will need to go a little further by going through the various online reviews. For that, you check the reviews of the people posted in the various forums and social media platforms relating to the companies that you have considered. Apart from that, you can also post your question pertaining to anything you want to know about a certain agency on these platforms.

The company that has the most number of positive reviews is certainly the one you should choose. However, before you make a decision, there is one more thing that you should consider doing and it is checking the customer support of these agencies and see how fast and friendly they are. To check this, you can ask them some important questions and see how they respond.

Benefits of choosing one such agency

As you choose one such agency, it can expect excellent assistance at every phase while your business is up and running. This may be relating to doing accounting for your company, preparing the financial records, managing taxes, and more.

Most importantly, hiring such an agency can make things pretty cost-effective for your business.