Stay In Singapore And Develop Your Company

Many foreign companies are setting up their operations in Singapore. One of the main reasons is that Singapore is an excellent place to sell their products. Though the island nation itself is a small market, many countries around it are developing and have a huge population of people with the necessary purchasing capacity. Singapore is also a trading hub for all products from different parts of the world. This makes the nation sought after by foreign companies. It is the best place to sell what they manufacture and ensure that the products reach the various corners of the world. The companies want their persons to supervise the activities and this requires them to apply for Singapore employment pass that will allow them to stay here.

Consultants Help You Apply For Singapore Employment Pass

The employment pass can be applied without your presence too. The company can apply for an employment pass before your visit to Singapore. This will help you avoid repeat visits to the nation. The agencies will process the employment pass for you and liaise with the MOM in case there is any clarification to be given. The pass must be applied by the company that is employing the person. Singapore employment agency offer excellent packages for the employment pass and other related permits.


Employment Pass Packages Fees In SGD
Application for EP including appeal $1,000 ($1,070 including GST)
Application for Dependent Pass For Children and Spouse $500 ($535 including GST)
Long Term Visit Pass For Parents And Step-Children $500 ($535 including GST)
Employment Pass Renewal $650 ($695.50 Including GST)
Fees For Each Detail Updating with MOM $100 ($107 including GST)

The package offered by the service

The corporate services agencies offer a variety of services from the beginning to the end of the process. The consultants will help to assess the chances of your getting the employment pass using the tools provided by the MOM. They will also amply inform you about the requirements and the procedure for getting the employment pass. Various requirements must be fulfilled and the agencies are the best people to familiarize you with these.

Completing the application and submitting the same with the MOM is also done by the agencies. They will also monitor the progress of your application and inform you of the status. The employment agency in Singapore will interact with the officials from the MOM in case it is necessary to ensure that your application is given due consideration. They will provide any additional details that are being asked by the MOM after getting the same from you. If your application is rejected by the MOM the agencies will make two appeals within three months for getting the pass.

Who Can Apply For An Employment Pass?

Companies that wish to appoint foreigners in the managerial position can apply for the Singapore employment pass. Foreign companies that want to place a foreigner in charge of the operations in Singapore can also apply for an EP and make the person the local director. Having an EP for one of the directors can help the foreign companies to fulfill the mandatory requirement of a local director. Such persons can be appointed as the local director for the company. Any person who holds the necessary educational qualifications and experience can get an employment pass provided the company applies for the same and convinces the need for such a person. An employment pass applicant must have a minimum salary of S$3,600 per month.

Local companies who wish to appoint foreigners to the managerial level must advertise in the Jobs Bank before applying for the employment pass. The advertisement must appear for 14 days before they can apply for the EP. This has been done so that locals can also get a chance to apply for the post. This complies with the guidelines on Fair Employment Practices. An exemption to the condition is offered to companies with less than 25 employees. Jobs that fetch a salary of $12,000 per month are also exempted from the rule.

The Benefits Of The Employment Pass

The main benefit of the employment pass is that it allows foreigners to work in the executive cadre without any restrictions. They can travel freely in Singapore. They can also go to and from the country without a fresh visa each time. The employment pass allows the holders to bring their families to Singapore. This way they need not miss their family while they are on an assignment in Singapore. A dependent pass can be obtained which will permit the spouse and unmarried children to live with them.

Many people dream of living in Singapore forever. The country offers excellent living conditions. There are no political troubles or unrest in the country. The society in Singapore is multicultural and hence provides a comfortable living condition for all foreigners. They can have a very high standard of living as all the modern comforts and luxuries are available in Singapore. The employment pass is the first step for getting permanent resident status. Anyone with an EP can apply for PR status. This is one of the main advantages of the employment pass.

The employment pass is of great help to entrepreneurs who start their company in Singapore. all incorporated companies should have a local director. The person must be an ordinary resident of Singapore. Instead of a local person, the company can also use a foreigner who holds an employment pass. Foreign entrepreneurs can incorporate their company using the nominee director service offered by the agencies. Once the company is registered in Singapore, they can apply for the employment pass to work in the company. When they get the EP they can discontinue the nominee director service and become the local director for their company.